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Blues Harmonica Jam Camps in the Mississippi Delta and Ventura, California.

Harmonica players from all over the world come to Jon's Blues Harmonica Jam Camps, exciting teaching, learning, jamming and performing events that focus on getting YOU to play blues harmonica and sing with a band. I work with 5 great harmonica players who help me coach you as you play harp, sing, write songs, perform and get musically crazy and creative over a 5-day period in a great (and affordable) location.

Some of the people who come are raw beginners, and some are very good players. Enrollment is limited to about 30 people.

My coaches are Cheryl  Arena, Boston based blues harmonica diva, Rj Mischo, touring pro, Hash Brown, world-renown guitar and harmonic blues artist, Tj Klay, singer songwriter, rack player, over-blow superb and Brian Purdy, Mr. Technical, to teach harmonica repair and tuning, the elements of tone and those all-important basics. Get more information at the site devoted to Blues Harmonica jam Camp.

These 5-day events take place in great environments. Or Mississippi location is the The Shack Up Inn just outside Clarksdale, 90 miles south of Memphis at Highway 49 and 61. Ventura is 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, on the ocean. Find out more by clicking below.