Jon's New Ensemble--with Ralph, Saul and Pete

Here's the ensemble we would like to bring to your venue:Jon Gindick on harmonica guitar and vocal, Saul Moluck, bass and backing vocals: Pete Gallagher, and Ralph Carter on keys.  This is just a practice video, not a canned filmed and edited commercial piece. The song is a Gindick original that traces the edge of drama and music.  The feel is remotely Caribbean. The title is: "Cant Get That Black Girl of My Mind"

"Bird on a Wire" was shot by Karen Focht at The Shack Up Inn's Blues Chapel in Clarksdale, Mississippi in September, 2017. I perform as a single,  just harp, guitar and voice--which makes me a trio, in some ways. The one is an original, and is fully orchestrated on my first album.

"Feeling Her Gone" Jon Gindick Ensemble

Angelo Izzo filmed Jon Gindick performing with bassist Ralph Carter and drummer Pete Gallagher and The Wine Rack Lounge is Ventura, California. THIS IS FUN.